The Sounds of Silence

It’s Saturday and I am enjoying some down time from the hustle of last week at work.  I’m sure many of you are like me and are frantic on that work hamster wheel all week.  My “woman cave” is actually in my garage where I sit with the back door open to listen to the birds, feed my stray kitties and sit in comfortable weekend clothing (yoga pants with no yoga goin on lol).  Today though, my neighbors dog was barking continuously and my nice, yet loud voiced, all to close to my house, neighbors won’t stop talking… what’s a person to do to rejuvenate?  What can any of us do to re-energize?  Many things indeed.  One of the things that rejuvenates me is talking to a really good friend.  Not an acquaintance.  We all have that person that we can be ourselves with to bitch about life, laugh at stupid things.  You see, I’m a bit different than many people.  When I crack a joke I have gotten accustomed to getting that puzzled look from people.  I just usually tell them “think about it awhile, you will get it eventually”.  One of my people is Cindy.  Cindy and her husband own small carpet cleaning company in Ohio.  If you are in need of your carpets cleaned by the best Toledo carpet cleaning company  give them a call! You’re welcome Cindy 🙂  They are awesome people.  Anyways, I called her today after my quiet time was blasted by “the loud people”.   She immediately made me feel better and centered.  We all need our people that “get” us.  So if you are feeling off your game, call your person and get yourself centered.

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