Ok so I’m a hippy

I am an introvert.  No doubts about it.  I relish the quiet times that I have because I actually enjoy my own company.  The time I spend thinking, processing the day or an event is priceless to me. It can be very healing in my life.   I find that when I’m around a lot of people I feel completely drained and soon will seek solitude.  There are others in this world that are the opposite of me in this respect.  The more activity and interaction they have with other people the better.  It rejuvenates and powers them up.  So which one represents you?  A good question to ask yourself.  It’s surely a good idea to be introspective at times.  Once you find out what your source of energy is it is much easier to make time for this in your life. Take the time to know what juices you up and make a decision to include it in your daily schedule.

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